my story


Founded: 2014 Owner: Anna-Maria Hartley 
Areas of expertise:  Home, corporate, retail, events, galleries, artist, textiles, sculptures, fashion design. 

Anna-Maria is a self-taught passionate abstract artist. Her Journey in arts started with her father who was an artist and filled her early childhood with drawings, paintings and sculptures. Unfortunately he departed this world too early to guide Anna- Maria through the rest of her journey. Her Polish heritage and Canadian diversity has given her respect towards all nations and their artistic visions.

Through her art Anna- Maria connects with her inner- self while sharing her story with you. She loves texture and the ability to add the sense of touch to her work. The colour Red is present is many of her works as a visual expression of her passion and intense emotion connected to her art. Anna- Maria reached her first milestone in 2013 by becoming a full time artist and entrepreneur.

Anna- Maria’s passion for helping others is expressed through art and fundraising campaign called “Like a Bird”. This campaign is raising awareness by helping those men and women who are breaking free from mental and physical domestic abuse.