Anna-Maria was involved in the design, style and layout of this photo shoot in 2017. 

Photographer: Don Quincy  Model: Devastatia

Working with photographers to design sets, fashion, props, and atmosphere. Anna-Maria has many contacts through the modeling and fashion industry.

Traditional abstract painting with additional media added for texture. Some artworks contain 3 dimentional features.

Abstract | Sculptures

​fine art | textiles

​decor | fashion

Anna-Maria is a self-taught passionate abstract artist. Her Journey in arts started with her father, who was an artist, and filled her early childhood with drawings, paintings and sculptures.

mixed media abstract

3D hanging sculptures

Mixed media hanging wall art with 3 dimensional features. This artwork combines the best of painting and sculptures. Always a conversation starter.

Very unique creations using various organic textiles mixed with hardener, concrete, epoxy and acrylic paints.

fashion decor/design/stylist

latest work

textile artwork